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Welcome to Mass Effect Ladies

The very Fan Group where you can submit you favorite female character (example Tali or Ashley williams)

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In Memory of celticknotgirl 1990-2012

One of our members celticknotgirl has passed away September 2012, she was 22 years old.

celticknotgirl stamp by LadyIlona1984

This comic by BlackLion310 was made in her honor In Memory of Katlyn (1990 - 2012) by SaintWalker1806

Memories and TraditionsTitle:  Memories and Traditions
Universe:  ME
Characters:  Liara T'Soni, Commander Shepard
Author: moreeman06
Shepard sat in the bay of the Normandy, his matte finished HKSW Spectre armor made his body seemingly disappear into the shadows of the dark corridor the only way Liara could tell he was there were by his exposed head bowed over in concentration as two white hands moved at a steady pace deftly manipulating a length of cord.  Liara moved towards her friend "What's that your working on?"  she asked looking at the intricate design forming in Shepard's hands.
"It's a Celtic Knot,"  he answered shortly not looking up from his work as his fingers formed delicate loops moving the cord over and under itself in a never ending series of loops and weaves.
"It looks very beautiful where did you learn how to make it?"  Liara asked prodding the Commander She had no idea that he could make something so beautiful, so delicat
Requiem for a Friend (Katlyn Shepard)-New Arlington Cemetery-

Liara T'Soni-Shepard exits her skycar into the pouring rain, the gunmetal-grey skies blocking out the sun. She wears a simple black dress and carries a bouquet of white flowers from Thessia. The grieving doctor doesn't bother with an umbrella, instead letting the rain wash over her skin, mixing with her tears. She begins her slow walk towards the large group of people crowded underneath a wide awning, when suddenly a hand grips her shoulder reassuringly, and the rain stops. Looking over her shoulder, she finds Garrus holding an umbrella over her, his expression unreadable. He nods to her, his grip speaking volumes as he guides her towards the crowd. As they near the group, Liara notices that nearly everyone has shown up today. 
Admiral Ashley Williams, clad in her dress blues, stands alongside Major James Vega along with a small platoon of Alliance men and women. High Chief Wrex, clad in his ceremonial armor, stands with his wife

Done by moreeman06 Done by SaintWalker1806


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